Nurturing your Feet and Hands with Essential Oils

The use of essential oils has been known to the individuals of the world since about 4000 years. These essential oils are extremely admired all over the over not only for their beautiful essence but also for their valuable use in the improving of the overall health of the individuals. These essential oils help to boost and strengthen the immunity of the individuals thereby increasing the strength of the body to fight various ailments that are caused from bacteria and viruses.

The essential oil works in the body in two ways: psychological and physical. The wonderful aroma of the oil works wonders psychologically for the individuals as it works on the central nervous system while different oils are blended in order to massage the body as well as using the blends for foot baths as well as steam inhalation.

Feet care: All of us have suffered from tired and aching feet at least once in the lifetime. Although mere soaking of the feet in a bowl of warm water helps to ease the tiring feet, the additional use of a few drops of essential oils can work magic on both the tired as well as the sweaty feet. The essential oil is even valuable for the individuals who are cursed with athlete’s foot.

All that one needs to do is to blend about 10 drops of the essential oil in 2 gallons to warm water. Blend 3 drops of lavender oil and rosemary oil each and 4 drops of lemon to 2 gallons of warm water. Now mix the mixture well and insert the feet in the mixture. The aroma of lavender produces a soothing effect while the essence of rosemary and lemon helps in the refreshing, reviving and stimulating the circulation of the feet.

Hands care: Essential oils are extremely relaxing on the overall body as well as the skin. The hands can be properly taken care of with the help of lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, jasmine, spearmint, rosemary, and lemon and grapefruit oil. Take one of two drops of each of all these oils and blend them together. It helps to soothe, calm and have a relaxing effect on the hands.