Nutmeg: Medicinal Properties

Spices are put in cooking not only for flavoring but also for some of its medicinal properties. Nutmeg is one such spice that you must have often used for making cookies or spice cakes. It is even used for making egg and vegetable dishes, soups and sauces. When you want to impart a very light yellow color to your dishes you can use mace, the net like covering of nutmeg. These are the properties you use for culinary purposes, but what about the medicinal purposes? Its time to know more abut nutmeg.

Nutmeg is a seed of the nutmeg plant. Ground nutmeg has a flavor that is very near in similarity to cinnamon but is not so sweet or reddish. If we are to define the flavor precisely, it is aromatic, savory, rich and somewhat sweet with a warm tone. Apart from using the seed of nutmeg, essential oil and butter of nutmeg are also obtained and they are used for various purposes from culinary to pharmaceutical.

Medicinal uses of nutmeg are many. It is a great brain booster which improves circulation in the brain and allows a person to concentrate better. If you are suffering from mental exhaustion then you should add nutmeg to your food as it is a great stress reliever. You can use essential oil of nutmeg as a tonic for stimulating the cardiovascular system. Similarly, nutmeg can be used as a detoxifier of the liver and the kidney.

Here is a simple but effective remedy for those suffering from rheumatic pain. Heat some nutmeg powder in sesame oil until it turns brown. Use it for external use on the affected areas. It can be used for neuralgia and sciatica. But make sure that you have cooled and strained the oil before application. Being excellent sedative, nutmeg oil can be used effectively for joint and muscular pains. The women can use it for relieving menstrual cramps.

Nutmeg is used for clearing congestion due to cough and cold; for relieving toothaches and aching gums; for treating diarrhea caused by indigestion; as an antiseptic, and also to induce sleep. Nutmeg oil, if rubbed on the abdomen of a pregnant mother from three weeks before delivery can ease child birth. Finally, nutmeg is believed to have aphrodisiac properties too. Like any other drug or medicine, do not overuse nutmeg as it can affect the nerves.