Obesity Due to Food Addiction and How to Control your Weight

While some people are addicted to alcohol which is a dangerous addiction other may be addicted to food. Food cravings and addictions normally lead to obesity and various other health issues. You may not always feel that you are addicted, however there will always be that time when you help yourself to an extra serving even though you may feel that you are full, or times when you feel an extra cola or chocolate bar will not harm. Remember your obesity may be due to a particular food or a number of different foods.

If you feel that you are obese there are a few ways in which you can keep track of your food is to track down the culprits. First and foremost, when you reach for a snack or your second helping of food, ask yourself if you really need it. Can you hang on for a few minutes more or are you hungry at that point in time.

Try to keep a track of the number of meals you eat and the calorie count of your food. Track down the item with high calorie content. Keep track of how many times you consume it in a week and then analyze if you need to consume that product as frequently. Can it be replaced with something else? Once you replace the item, does your mind still crave for the item that you replaced? If yes, then you are addicted.

Another sure fire way is to eat smaller portions. Try eating in smaller plates so that you automatically serve yourself less. With due course of time you will automatically begin to want lesser food.

In most cases sugars and fast foods are the reasons for obesity. Keep your intake of these in check. Replace these with fresh vegetables like celery or cucumber. Fruits are a good supplement as well as they take care of your sugar cravings. Fruits does not caused harm as the sugar content in them are natural.

An most of all if you are obsess and are trying to keep your weight under control do not go out for dates that include dinner or lunch. If you are catching up with friends don’t do it at a restaurant or a coffee shop where you are tempted to binge, meet up at the local park instead or at a place of common interest.