Obesity In Children- Ways To Control Naturally

Today many children suffer from diabetes, hypertension, respiratory difficulties and other syndromes associated with obesity. There are several reasons that are making kids fat and it is a dangerous trend.

Causes of the problem:

Children suffering from diabetes are giving an open invitation to obesity to overtake their body. Lack of outdoor games and physical activities can be the cause of this problem. Sometimes a child becomes overweight because of the heredity factor in the family. We have already discussed some dangerous impacts of obesity, so it is essential to learn about some safe ways to control it.

Natural remedies for obesity in children:

Make a juice of half-lemon and one tsp of honey and mix it with a glass of lukewarm water. Give it to your child regularly. Prepare one glass of ginger juice and give it twice a day for a couple of months. Your child, as a substitute of the ginger juice, can also take Ginger tea. You can also prepare a mixture of honey, fresh ginger and half tsp of Commiphora and give it to your child twice daily, as it is highly beneficial in treating obesity.

You must keep an eye on the diet of your child if you notice obesity symptoms. Give your child some papaya soup for two or three months during the summer. Consuming two ripe tomatoes every morning for two months can control the cholesterol level of the body and it will help to bring down excessive weight. Chewing aloe vera leaves or drinking a glass of aloe vera juice is also very useful to reduce fat, which is essential to avoid obesity. Eating cabbage daily can be a good addition to your child’s diet as it helps in the reduction of obesity.

Make a mixture of half tsp of honey and the paste of basil leaves and give it to your child with warm water. You can prepare another mixture by adding coriander with warm water and give it to your child every day for a couple of months. Drinking green tea daily is a beneficial natural treatment for your child as it helps to reduce fat.

Eating salty and spicy foods is very harmful for your child, especially if the obesity symptoms are noticed. Try to give him or her fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in the daily diet. Lastly, your child should indulge in regular exercise to keep the body weight under control.