Obesity Treatment- Strategies To Stop Overeating

Obesity is a serious problem that mostly attacks the adults. In most of the industrialized countries nearly one-third of the total population has been affected by the trouble. In fact obesity in the present times can be categorized as a world-wide epidemic. It has been found that obesity increases the chances of many severe ailments like high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, gall bladder ailments, heart diseases, prostate and colon, stroke, respiratory ailments, breast cancer and so on. Mostly all of us have the idea that obesity is the result of two main factors, namely: not exercising and overeating.

Lack of proper and enough sleep, prenatal effects, old age, temperature, use of drugs, less of smoking or quitting smoking, first child of an older woman, like marrying like etc are also thought as vital aspects for the increase in the rate of obese people.

However, overeating is thought as one of the major factors that can cause obesity. Hence it is for our own sake that steps need to be taken to control the same:

Live with cravings: All of us crave for something or the other and experiencing something like this does not mean that we have to give in to such urges. Craving for food might get better over time but we should learn to live with them and develop the art of self-control as well as resisting mechanisms for our own sake, in order to save ourselves from being obese.

Emotional Cravings: With the availability of plenty of food and limited work performance, food has become a source of comfort and celebration. Although all of us are aware that food needs to be consumed in order to ease the discomfort of being hungry, many of us think that eating more takes away the feeling of pain. Food should be used as a basis of sustenance and not for emotional comfort.

Physical cravings: High calorie food as well as high sugar food has been found to wreak havoc in the blood sugar level of our body. Binging on high sugar triggers the release of serotonin, a chemical, in the brain. Hence steps need to be taken to control the physical urge.

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