Obesity Treatment with Herbal and Home Cures

Obesity is not just a problem but a widespread epidemic of the present day and is found to occur among all age groups. Obese people face a lot of difficulties and consequences than their normal weight counterparts.
This problem is associates with increased risk of serious type of illness like hypertension, increased chances of coronary ailment, Type II diabetes mellitus, stroke, unexplained heart attack, colon, breast, prostate and endometrial cancers, high cholesterol, infertility, hyperlipidaemia etc.

All these ailments can cause untimely death of individuals. About 300,000 individuals die due to obesity each year. Hence this problem should never be neglected, and essential efforts should be made to reduce obesity and weight. Obesity, if handled in the proper way can be treated by regular performance of exercise, low calorie diet as well as lifestyle counseling.

Green tea: Green tea is known to reduce weight by increasing the rate of burning of calories, preventing the gaining of excess weight and reversing obesity.

Studies conducted over animals have should results that with the consumption of green tea on the regular basis, the glucose is sent to the muscle tissues where the calories are likely to be burned than the fatty tissues where it is likely to be stored. Hence the fats of the body are likely to be broken down and absorbed in the digestive tract.

Physical activities: The increased amount in physical activities like exercise, walking, aerobics and even daily and increased conduction of household chores can successfully help to reduce obesity.

By avoiding sedentary life, the increased numbers of obese people all over the world can be fruitfully reduced. Regular conduction of exercise and brisk walking can effectively reduce physical activities.

Overeating: Overeating is a bad habit and must be stopped immediately. The stomach must be provided with food that is just enough to make it full. Overeating is stuffing of food in the stomach the boy does not require. It makes us unhealthy as well as obese.

Emotional eating:
Emotional eating is a psychological problem and needs to be stopped on an immediate basis. Overeating when angry or depressed or happy is another definite cause of obesity.

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