Olive Oil for Beauty Treatments

Most people incorporate olive oil in their diets due to the health benefits that the oil offers. While this is very beneficial to your health you can also use the oil as topical treatments to improve your complexion and strengthen your hair. If you are not sure about what I mean then here are a few tips that you could try in order to incorporate olive oil in your beauty regime.For your hair:

Olive oil can be used in different hair treatments. The oil helps to nourish your tresses, condition it and improve hair growth. If you want to use the oil as a conditioner you can heat a few spoons of the oil and massage it on your scalp and run it through the entire length of your hair. Wash it after an hour and your hair will feel soft and well conditioned.

Olive oil can also be used to improve hair growth. In this case you need to mix the oil with sage oil and massage the oil along the length of your hair. Leave the oil over night and wash it in the morning with warm water. The oil will stimulate the hair growth and will also control hair fall.

Olive oil can be used as a leave in condition. Rub a few drops of the oil on your palms and run your palms through the entire length of your hair. Do not use too much oil as it will make your hair look greasy.

For your skin;

Olive oil softens your skin. The oil is a perfect conditioner. Add a few drops of the oil to your bath water to soften your skin. Alternatively you can massage the oil on your body before you step into a bath and soak in warm water for a few minutes so that the oil can get into your pores and nourish your skin.

Massage your body with olive oil at night to reveal soft supple skin when you wake up. It also reverses signs of aging so it is beneficial to those who are beginning to show lines and wrinkles on their skin.

For your hands and nails:

If your nails are prone to chipping then olive oil will rescue you. Dip your nails in the oil for a few minutes of massage your fingertips, cuticles and nails with olive oil at night. The oil will strengthen your nails and prevent chipping.