Oranges: Help One Prevent Heart Attacks

Oranges, those fresh juicy fruits have got a lot to do with prevention of heart attacks. Here are the reasons why one should take oranges to help one prevent heart attacks.

Oranges, having a rich source of Vitamin C can help to protect the arteries from free radicals, and prevents oxidization of the cells, oxidization of cholesterol, and prevents sticking of plaque on the walls of the arteries. The Vitamin C helps to recycle the Vitamin E, another anti-oxidant in the body. So here is help to prevent heart attacks.

Folate, a B group vitamin, available in oranges helps to process the amino acid homocysteine in the body. The presence of high levels of homocysteine could be toxic and could also lead to heart attacks even in people having a high level of good cholesterol. Hence oranges are help to prevent heart attacks.

Sodium, the culprit that causes heart attacks and high blood pressure is available in lower amounts in oranges. Besides, potassium helps to regulate the function of heart and muscle contractions. So oranges are of great help to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Calcium available in good amount in orange helps to have a normal blood pressure, normal nerves transmissions and regulates heart movements. In addition magnesium available in plenty in oranges helps to maintain normal heart rhythm and blood pressure. These sure help to prevent heart attacks.

Phytochemicals, in oranges help to fight inflammation and free radicals and prevent platelets from sticking together. This helps to block off molecules that raise blood pressure and strengthen the small blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to other cells. Besides hesperidin present in oranges help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and help prevent heart attacks.

Oranges contain soluble fiber pectin in it’s skin that helps to eliminate cholesterol in the body. One can enjoy this health benefit and also prevent heart attacks by taking a bit of the white portion of the orange.

So dear folks make it a point to include oranges in your daily diet, which helps to prevent yourself from heart attacks caused by high blood pressure, cholesterol and various toxins in the body.