Overactive Bladder Treatment With Home Remedies

Overactive bladder concerns millions of people all over the world each day. The reason of overactive bladder is still unknown though some issues like alcohol and caffeine have known to aggravate the condition.

overactive bladder

However, there are methods of Overactive bladder treatment. In general, there are two ways of treating the disorder: natural and medical. There are some natural ingredients available that help in fighting overactive bladder.

Overactive Bladder Treatment Remedies

Pumpkin seeds

One has to crush a handful of pumpkin seeds and put it in a jar. Then, boiling water has to be poured inside the jar and let it steep for sometime. The water has to be strained after that. One has to drink little water everyday until the individual finds relief.



One must drink at least a liter of either boiled or distilled water everyday. Unsweetened cranberry or blueberry juice is also helpful. Tea, coffee, cola, alcohol, fried and oily foods, sugar and carbonated drinks, junk and processed food should be totally avoided. Caffeine is the most common diuretics that make urine faster thus intensifying the urgency to urinate more often. Thus, change in lifestyle helps a lot in dealing with the problem.

drink water

Bladder training

Overactive bladder treatment aims to stretch the bladder in such a way that it gets used to holding more urine than it currently does. In this training, one needs the guidance of a doctor or a nurse wherein the time is recorded in between the toilet trips and the amount of urine one releases each time when he goes.

In the first two-three days of training, urination is done the usual way. After that, one tries to hold the urge to urinate for a longer period of time by sitting straight on a hard chair or by doing pelvic exercises. In this way, the bladder will be trained to hold more urine and one does not have to move to the bathroom often.

bladder training

Mannose powder

Drink a glass of water with two spoons of mannose powder added to it. Consume it every two to three hours. This is an effective home remedy for overactive bladder.