Painful Periods

Almost more than 90 percent of teenagers today experience a problem of painful periods. The clinical term for painful periods is dysmenorrheal and is very pain in early age. Initially young women ignore this pain as they take it as a regular part of the menstrual cycle but sometimes the pain is too severe to tolerate and then they seek a treatment for the same.

The two to three days of the menstrual cycle are very painful and most of the women experience painful cramps. Due to severe pain the schooling going girls have to miss the school, while the working women take one or two days off from their work. In some cases it is only the first period which is painful and then the pain decreases gradually for the following periods. For some women the pain increases with every period and becomes intolerable after six to eight periods.

Apart from severe pain, the other symptoms of the dysmenorrheal are cramps, tiredness, restlessness, pain in vagina, vomiting, headache, bloating etc. The pain can last for 30 to 36 hours. When symptoms of dysmenorrheal start, a woman faces the most difficult days of the month. However, a little change in life style can give you a considerable relief from the pain. Taking rest is necessary during periods.

Placing a bottle of hot water wrapped in a cloth in lower part of the stomach and on the back helps reducing the pain. If you smoke, you should get rid of smoking because smoking increases the pain during periods. The problems like stress, depression, strain etc can increase the pain due to periods and therefore, try avoiding these during periods. A regular exercise is very effective in reducing the pain due to periods. You should avoiding alcohol to reducing the pain.

Though a number of medications are available in the market to reduce the problem during periods but a regular and long term consumption of these medications can lead to other health complications. Hence, try to avoid these medications if possible. Aromatherapy is a good way for the treatment of painful periods. The essential oils like lavender and chamomile can give a great relief from pain and cramps during periods. You should take care of intake of vitamins and your diet because the deficiency of vitamins and other essential nutrients can make the condition worse during periods. If the pain is consistent and last for many days, you should consult a doctor.