Penile Dysfunction Treatment with Natural Cures

Penile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is directly related to the health of the penis. It is characterized by the helplessness to develop or uphold an erection of the penis adequate enough for satisfied sexual performance. There are a number of causes for penile dysfunction. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, hormonal insufficiency, drug side effects are some of the causes of penile dysfunction.

It is vital that one must understand that penile dysfunction can signal the fundamental risk for cardiovascular disease. There are ways to treat penile dysfunction.

Natural cures for penile dysfunction:

Short horned epimedium: This herb produces sexual desire as well as arousal. It enhances sexual performances, increases the sperm count and also increases testosterone. Epimedium has no side effects and is an effective remedy for penile dysfunction.

Smoking: Smokers are much more prone to facing the problem of penile dysfunction. The more a person smokes his arteries are more likely to become to become clogged. Recent studies have proven that smoking can cause a significant drop in the number of spontaneous erections that occur at the time of sleeping.

Yohimbine extract: Yohimbine extracts is derived from the bark of Yohimbine tree. This tree is found in South Africa. With the intake of Yohimbine, the blood flow to the genitals increases. However, this tree has its side effects. Anxiety, heart rate, dizziness, blood pressure and stomach upset are some of the side effects of Yohimbine.

Drinking: Consumption of excess alcohol is one of the most widespread causes of penile dysfunction. Studies reveal that heavy drinkers suffer more from penile dysfunction than occasional drinkers.

Angelina root: Angelina root is a Chinese herb that helps in treating penile dysfunction by promoting the blood circulation. This helps to improve erection. The users of Chinese Angelina root should minimize their exposure to the sun as the ones consuming the herb might be more sensitive to sunlight.

Gingko biloba: Gingko biloba is the extract from the leaves of the gingko biloba tree. Gingko helps in the increased flow of blood to the genitals. It is an efficient way of treating the disorder.