Periodontal Diseases and Herbal Remedies

Often people complain about pain and swelling in the gum. The causes can be anything from a wound from some hard food articles to bacterial infection. But one problem that torments many is the periodontal disease. This is the inflammation arising out of infection of the tissues that surround and support the teeth, gum, membranes, and the bone supporting the teeth.

The initial conditions show swelling and bleeding especially after eating or brushing the teeth. In the advanced stages the gums get inflamed and turn sore with the teeth getting loose. In such cases only the doctor can help.

But some simple oral hygiene and dental care can prevent the occurrence of such ailments. Regular and proper brushing, flossing and rinsing the mouth frequently with saline water usually prevent gum and teeth diseases. At the same time, there are many herbs that can cure any inflammation and infection.

Put a few drops of Echinacea tincture in a plantain poultice, place it in a piece of gauze and put it next to the affected portion of the gum. Leave it overnight and remove it the next morning. Wash off with saline water or any herbal mouthwash. This can control and cure acute infections of the gum. You can make a herbal mouthwash by boiling tender guava leaves in water and using the water for washing and rinsing your mouth. Chewing unripe guava or tender guava leaves is often considered a good remedy in case of periodontal diseases.

Regular chewing of such guava can actually keep one away from not only periodontal diseases but also a host of other gum and teeth related problems.

You can keep your gum and teeth free from diseases if you have the right supply of vitamin C. That means you need to have lime, lemon or orange regularly and also spinach and lettuce. Common salt and pepper mixed with dried peel of pomegranate is a good dentifrice and its regular application may prevent periodontal diseases or restrict its progress if the gum has already been infected.

Some other herbs that are good for gum and tooth care are Bloodroot, Myrrh and Rhatany. The first one is an antiseptic whose tincture is diluted in water and used as a mouthwash. Similarly Myrrh can be used also. It is an astringent. Rhatany is another astringent and gum strengthening herb which is used in tincture form.