Pink eye treatment varieties

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is the most familiar eye infection that is found among the kids. Pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the apparent membrane that covers the white part of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. It is extremely transferable and upsetting as it can make the eyes extremely red and can spread at a rapid rate, but it is usually harmless.Pink eye can be caused by many bacteria and viruses that are responsible for colds and other infections. Viral and bacterial variety of conjunctivitis is general in childhood, but they can offer among the people of any age. There are lots of natural ways of curing the infection.

Pink eye treatment varieties:

Boric acid or powder: Boric acid eye wash is a very popular and traditional remedy for the combating of pink eye. One has to warm a cup of water and put a teaspoon of boric powder in it. Then, with the help of a cotton swab, the eyes have to be given warm compress. This is effective for combating pink eye.

Chamomile flower: Add one teaspoon of dried chamomile flower to a cup of pre-boiled water. Steep it for about 10-15 minutes and then strain the mixture. It should be allowed to cool and should be used as eye wash. It can also be used as a compress and is a helpful remedy for pink eye.

Tea: The discomfort of allergic pink eyes can also be averted with the use of a damp eye bag. The tea bag has to be boiled and then cooled before placing it on the infected eye. This remedy is useful in combating the pink eye. Again, one can make a strong cup of tea and then use an eye cup to hold the lukewarm tea in each eye. These remedies are traditional and useful remedies in dealing with pink eye.

Fennel seeds: One must boil the fennel seeds and use them for washing the affected eyes. This, in turn, would reduce the pain, redness and inflammation caused due to the pink eye.

Honey: Honey is one of the greatest home remedies for pink eye. One has to put 2-3 drops of honey directly on to your eyes or 3 tablespoon of honey in two cups of boiling water. Stir it and after dissolving it, it should be allowed to cool. This mixture needs to be used as eye wash and used for a couple of times each day.