Plant Based Foods That Helps To Prevent Cold And Flu

There are several ways to prevent contracting a common cold and flu even during the flu season. While most people only look at maintaining their hygiene levels like washing their hands frequently and avoiding contact with a person with flu or cold or even covering their mouths in public during flu season; you also need to strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet.

This is your best defense against common colds and flu. A rich diet not only helps to prevent flu; it also helps to cure it in the early stages of contracting the germs. Mushrooms are one such food product that is known for its anti bacterial properties. The beta-glucans in the mushrooms are cancer fighting agents and they are also extremely effective in making the immune system stronger and in turn helping to prevent and control common diseases.

One must make sure that they wash the mushrooms well before consuming them. Do not over cook them. Simply sauté them with butter and add them to a salad or a sandwich with some garnish. They make a healthy meal and help to ward of diseases and illnesses.

There are several other components in the mushrooms that can be used as preventive measures for colds and fevers. Shiitake mushrooms are known for their strong effect on the immune system. These mushrooms may be eaten as an accompaniment to a meal or as an entire meal in themselves.

One must avoid eating mushrooms in the raw state as you may have an allergic reaction to it. The bottom line is that eating mushrooms is a great way to prevent common colds and flu. You can use it in the fresh form if they are readily available or use them in the powdered form where you add water to them and then cook it. There are several methods to prepare mushrooms though they are most famous in the sauté or soup form.

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