Preconception Diet to have a Healthy Happy Baby

Every parent dreams of having a smart healthy baby. The key lies in the diet that a woman follows not during but before her pregnancy. Before you conceive you need to get your body ready to accept the changes that it will go through. Eating the right kind of diet before your conceive increases the chances of you being healthy; thereby ensuring your child’s health and wisdom. If you are healthy when you are pregnant you will not need to use any drugs and this will prevent any mental damage to the fetus.

Before you get pregnant; you must make sure that you eat all food groups in moderation. Do not over eat any type of food. Make sure that you do not gain weight rapidly and also ensure that you do not increase your cholesterol. Avoid fried foods and salty foods; instead eat plenty of nuts and fruits. You must eat plenty of cereal, lentils and whole grains.

Fruits and vegetables are a healthy food choice. Eat plenty of berries as they are a rich source of anti oxidants. Green vegetables like spinach, kale and squash are a great source of Vitamins. You must eat plenty of these in the raw state. Add them to salads or sandwiches in order to get the most of the nutrients. You must also consume plenty of dairy. Milk is loaded with calcium; you need to increase your calcium intake to prepare your bones and make them strong. Eat plenty of yogurt.

There are plenty of foods that you need to avoid prior to your conception. This is because these foods are low in nutrition or they have adverse effects on your body. Refined sugar increases your calorie count but it has not nutritional value. You must avoid loading up on sweets as it increases your weight and fat content in your body but it gives you zero nourishment. You must also avoid refined carbohydrates that are available in breads and baked goods. Avoid consuming too much fish as it contains high amounts of mercury; when you do conceive avoid fish completely.

Prior to your conception you must load up on folic acid. You may start taking supplements; however you can also attain it from foods like apricots and nuts. If you have trouble conceiving then you must take this pre natal vitamin to help you.

Do not consume alcohol; no matter what the occasion. You must keep your body clear of alcohol for atleast 6 months before you conceive. The same must be said for nicotine; in the form of smoke or chews; it must be avoided. Do not expose yourself to second hand smoke either. Avoid drinks that are loaded with caffeine; this includes tea, coffee and aerated drinks.