Pregnancy Related Nausea – How do you Overcome it?

If you are pregnant there are chances of you suffering from nausea for the best parts of the day. Most pregnant women complain of nausea as soon as they wake up in the morning. This is commonly known as morning sickness and it disrupts the woman’s entire day. Nausea from the second month of pregnancy can occur at any time of the day and is not subjected to the mornings. Though doctors are able to prescribe medications for mothers to be that are safe and do not cause any harm to the baby many mothers prefer to look at natural remedies to sort out this issue.

If you suffer from morning sickness the moment you try to get out of bed then unsalted crackers will be the prefect remedy for your condition. Place a packet of the cookies or crackers on your night stand and nibble on them the moment you wake up. The moment you open your eyes you need to start eating 2 to 3 crackers; step out of bed once you’ve eaten them. Don’t be in a hurry to wake up and get out of bed; instead wake up slowly and do not have any quick movements the moment you wake up.

When you begin to feel nausea; do not panic. Instead calm yourself and your body by taking a few deep breaths. When you fill your stomach with air; your lungs and your stomach will be able to calm the restlessness that you experience.

You can prevent nausea by taking a warm bath. In most cases a woman experiences nausea because she experiences high amounts of stress. In this case a warm bath infused with some aromatic oils will help to calm her down. Lavender and rose oils are known to have a soothing effect and they help to calm any sensation of nausea. Get a massage every week in order to calm your senses; this is the perfect way to get rid of feelings of nausea.

Herbs like peach, raspberry, green tea and ginger are known to have a calming effect on the body and thus infusing these herbs in your morning cup of tea will be extremely beneficial. You can also infuse apple cider vinegar in a cup of cold water and drink it when you begin to feel restless. This is another great home remedy that helps to control nausea.

Don’t panic when you feel uneasy, nausea is one of the side effects of pregnancy. However one needs to stay calm and use natural remedies to help them out.