Premature Birth

There are a number of health complications associated with our body. May it be a male or a female, you are always at risk of one or the other type of disorders in day to day life. However, the most critical time for a woman in her life is the time when she is pregnant and the health complications in this period grow manifold. Hence, it is always very beneficial to have a general awareness about the health issues one can face during pregnancy.

The awareness helps in dealing with these complications the easiest way. This is an important issue as any type of complication may lead to fatal results for mother as well as for the baby. Premature birth is one of such complications in which delivery of baby happens much before when it was actually expected. The basic reason for a premature birth is the breakdown of the wall of sac. This wall of sac is responsible for growth of the baby before birth.

Obviously, when a baby is born before its expected time, a proper development of various organs cannot be seen and this leads to a number of problems. The weight of the baby in case of premature birth is, generally, lower than the normal weight and due to this the child faces various health complications soon after taking birth. Some other reasons are also responsible for premature birth of a baby. These include drinking and smoking habits of mother, insufficient nutritional supply during pregnancy or some kind of vaginal disorder.

Except for the natural reasons, we can avoid premature birth by taking some precautions. Always ensure that the food you are eating is balanced in nutritional contents. Take care for the intake of vitamins and minerals. Drinking a proper amount of water during pregnancy helps in proper growth of the baby and therefore you should drink sufficient amount of water during pregnancy. If you are in habit of smoking or drinking, avoid these habits for this period. Taking toxic material during pregnancy directly affects the growth of the child. A sensible exercise and safe sex during pregnancy also helps in safe and in time delivery of the baby. Hence, be careful and enjoy a happy pregnancy and a bright life thereafter.