Premenstrual Syndrome: Occurence and Cure

Premenstrual syndrome or (PMS) is a type of disorder which generally occurs in the young girls. It a package of both physical and emotional disturbances  which occurs after the ovulation of woman and also it ends up with the menstruation. You can also defined this as a symptom which occurs before the days of a women’s periods. So they are a Premature stage.

Some of the very common symptoms are depression, crying, mood swings, oversensitivity, anxiety, insomnia, poor concentration, changes in alcohol tolerance, physical conditions such as headache, fatigue, dizziness, breast swelling, constipation, diarrhoea, weight gain etc.

Anti–inflammatory drugs are especially helpful for cramping, and breast pain etc.  as they are due to hormonal imbalance. Although medicines may not completely  get relive all your symptoms. But they can be cured due to change in the diet and exercise. Try taking balanced diet avoid salt, sodas, caffeine, sugary, candy, chocolates and junk food for a week before normal periods. Take small and frequent quantity of meals during the premenstrual week this will help in keeping sugar at a very steady and constant level and reduces craving. This will also help in improving all the menstrual problems through out the menstrual cycle.