How To Prevent Dark Underarms


How To Prevent Dark Underarms

Darkening of underarms is a major cause of concern for every woman. All those beautiful women who want to wear sleeveless do not do so because of their underarms being dark in colour. Now you do not need to worry. Just read these tips and use them to remove darkening and prevent their occurrence in future.

A useful natural remedy to get rid of dark underarms is lemon and honey mixture. Lemon juice has a bleaching effect on skin and honey has antibacterial properties. So lemon juice lightens the skin under the arms and honey kills the bacteria over the skin. Apply this mixture for 10 minutes before going for a bath and also once at night. It keeps you odor free as well as fades the dark skin after regular use.

Honey For Dark Underarms

Another useful mixture is of gram flour and curd. It also helps to remove darkness of the skin. Add cucumber juice to lemon juice and add sandalwood powder to it. Make a paste and apply it every night. It will remove any hyperpigmentation under arms.

These remedies will cure only if you use them on regular basis. Once in a while application will get you nowhere. Along with these remedies you have to prevent further darkening of the skin by avoiding the causes of darkening of underarms.

Darkening usually occurs due to improper hygiene. Wearing tight clothes and having excessive sweating predisposes an individual to dark underarms. So if you have excessive sweating, you have to take extra care and keep the area clean and dry whenever possible.

Use of talcum powder and antifungal powder is beneficial in such cases. Antifungal powder prevents the growth of any fungus. Fungal infection is a common cause of dark underarms especially in summer. Itching is a prominent symptom if you have fungal infection.

Talcum Powder For Dark Underarms

Other common cause of dark armpits is regular and excessive use of antiperspirants and deodorants. These products are harsh on the skin and cause darkening.Use them to the minimum and wash underarms when you come home and before going to sleep.

Instead of using creams for hair removal, try waxing. Creams are harmful to the skin and a major cause for dark skin in axilla. So now you can wear sleeveless, if you are ready to follow tips and prevention methods.

Prevent Dark Underarms