Prevent Arthritis in Winter

With the onset of winter elderly people begin to suffer from arthritis. This is due to the increase in moisture in the air and the reduced amounts of exercise due to restricted outdoor activity. Most of the prescription drugs do very little to prevent the joints pain during winter. There are a few preventive measures for you to help you prevent joints pain in winter

Your diet plays a huge role in your health. Eating foods that are rich in fats and acids are harmful to your health and they must be avoided. Eating fruits and vegetables and whole grains are beneficial to your health. Fish is also a good option for your meals. You could snack of dry fruits and nuts; ensure that they are unsalted in order to control your sodium consumption.

It is extremely important for you to drink plenty of fluids. Though water is the best form of hydration drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices will be beneficial to your body as they supply the body with essential nutrients and minerals. Drink orange juice and lemon juice as they are good sources of vitamin C; your body will benefit from high amounts of this vitamin. You must also drink plenty of herbal teas; green tea helps to get rid of the toxins from the body and hence it is beneficial.

If the arthritis is causing pain then you need to rest and reduce your stress levels. Sleeping for a few addition hours during the day or taking a walk alone will help your body to unwind are relax. This is extremely important in order to maintain the health of your bones.

When you begin to feel pan in the joints you must use a hot water compress to reduce the pain. The hot compress will also reduce inflammation in the joints.

Wear appropriate clothing in order to keep your body well covered and free from joints pain. Do not let the cold touch your joints as it could have a negative impact on your joints.

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