Prevent Bad Breath in Children

The bad breath problem among the children is worse than the adults as they tend to consume whatever things they like even though it might cause mouth problems. One would be able to fight the bad breath problems among the children by providing them with the advice as to how to take care of their mouth and teeth as well. As the children are innocent and are mostly unaware as to how to take care of the teeth and mouth problems, it is for us the adults to guide them and give them proper advice so that they would be able to follow the correct way to oral hygiene. Take a look at few home remedies to prevent bad breath in children.

Mouth breathing: The most chief cause of bad breath among children is breathing through the mouth. The mouth tends to dry out as a result of mouth breathing. The saliva is the one that cleans away any bacteria that are there in the mouth but if the mouth is dry, it cannot carry out the role efficiently.

Eating habits: The children love to consume chocolate and candies in very high amount everyday. Large intake of these items tends to start the problems in gums as well as the growth of bacteria inside the mouth causing more pain and bad breath. Instead of providing them with chocolates and candies, the children can be encouraged to consume chewing gums that have comparatively less sugar and can provide with some mouth problems as well.

Dentition: Poor dentition is one of the several bad habits in the children. While eating, sometimes the food particles are trapped at the corner of the teeth. If these particles remain there for a long time, it might cause the growth of bacteria that in turn slowly damage the teeth and gums. This is again one of the potent causes of bad breath.

Brushing teeth: Most children tend to be lazy to brush their teeth every morning and before going to bed at night. In that case, the adults need to be alerting, strict and should make sure that they brush their teeth in front of them and should not take their word as they might be lying to the adults. In the course of time, it will become a normal routine and this in turn will prevent any chance of bad breath from their mouth.