Prevent Diarrhea Naturally

Diarrhea is not at all a disease and perhaps everyone has suffered this condition once or several times in our life. It is not at all a serious thing when, at its preliminary stage and you can treat it at home before it gets severe.Treat diarrhea at its first stage otherwise it will turn serious and when the condition goes out of hand it can be fatal.

Causes of diarrhea can be many – allergy, food poisoning, over eating, irritable bowel syndrome, alcohol overdose, lactose intolerance, etc.

The symptoms of diarrhea are continuous passage of watery stool accompanied with stomach pain. Diarrhea should be treated early and as soon as possible, otherwise your body may get dehydrated with the continuous passage of watery stool.

The primary thing that one should do in diarrhea is to supply your body with proper ORS fluid. You can get it in medicine shop. You can also make it at home by mixing sugar and salt in a glass of water.This drink not only supply water and minerals to the body that one looses with stool. It also helps to stop stomach pain. To make it tastier you can mix few drops of lemon juice in it.

Green tea, ginger tea (without adding milk) is good for the diarrhea patients. Any type of berry juice is excellent in diarrhea. Crush blueberry, raspberry or black berry and strain the fresh juice. Blueberry juice contains anthocyanosides which kill bacteria that causes diarrhea. Raspberry leaves are rich in nutrients which help to relieve diarrhea. Pomegranate juice also works well in diarrhea. Both guava and guava leaves helps to cure diarrhea.

Boiled carrots are good especially for infant diarrhea patients. They help to replenish minerals and vitamins that one looses due to diarrhea. Yogurt is also helpful to kill the bacteria of diarrhea. That is why yogurt becomes one of the compulsory foods in all types of diarrhea.

Lentil soup, rice porridge, carrot soup, tapioca pudding, coconut water, chicken juice, vegetable soup etc. are good to cure diarrhea.  A mixture of mint juice and lime juice is highly effective to cure diarrhea. Plantain (green banana) contains a great amount of iron. It is also very helpful to stop loose motion. Boil plantain in jacket. Remove the edible portion. Sprinkle salt and eat it to stop diarrhea.