Prevent Hair Loss And Maintain Your Hair Style

Hair play an important role in our overall personality and a good hair style is a good supplement to our overall look. However, our eating habits, fast life pattern and increasing pollution has created the problem of hair loss which is very disturbing for both males and females. The problem of hair loss is mainly common in males. Baldness and spotty hair loss are two types of problems associated with male hair loss. The baldness, scientifically, is termed as Androgenetic alopecia whereas scientific term for the spotty hair loss is Alopecia areata. The basic reason for hair loss problem in male includes constant illness, aging, stress, problem of hereditary and hormonal disorders. You can take a treatment depending upon the type of hair loss and the reason for hair loss. However, the best way to prevent hair loss is the self treatment. A proper care is needed to maintain healthy and good looking hair.

Cosmetic treatments are found to be unsuccessful in maintaining healthy and shiny hair. Various natural home based remedies are available for treatment of hair loss. Home remedies for hair loss includes use of ginko biloba, pygeum, green tea and stinging nettle. The remedies are more successful than the cosmetic treatments and are reported to provide better results. A deficiency of protein, iron and other nutrients is also factor leading to hair loss. Hence, a proper diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals is required to avoid hair loss. An intake of carbohydrate and folic acid in daily diet is also necessary for maintain healthy hair. You should drink a sufficient amount of water. Three or more than three liters of water per day is considered to be a good amount for avoiding hair loss and other health related complications.

Hair message is also a helpful way of maintaining healthy hair. The oil used for hair message should be almond oil, olive oil or the castor oil. A message of these oils improves the blood circulation and strengthens the roots of the hair and hence prevents the hair loss.