Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are becoming a great threat to society these days on account of change in sexual habits of people these days. Although some STDs are curable, there are some like the AIDS, genital herpes and human papilloma virus (HPV) to which the medical science does not have any answer till now.

Current generation favors the culture of having multiple sex partners, and quite open and elicit sex. The section of society which is most endangered are the teenagers. In this preview the people need to be mentored about practices about safe sex. This will also help to tackle another looming danger of teenage pregnancy. Here we have described the common things which if you practice during sex can ensure your good health.

STDs are mainly spread by such people, who are not aware of the fact that they are affected by it. A lack of communication during sex can spread these STDs. Hence it is very important that you practice a safe sex always. It is important to use condoms. Some latex condoms do not permit the viruses to pass through and thus they ascertain your protection. One must use protection also during the oral sex.

If people are in relationship, indulging in sex must be avoided till a point, where people are mentally and physically secure. Also it is important to insure that none of the partners are affected by STDs before sex. This can be achieved by a few routine medical tests.

It is also important to communicate to your partner about your sexual history. Sometimes STD symptoms and tests are not positive, even though person may be sexually affected.  One must always discuss with their partners, if they had unprotected sex of any kind before. Also it is important to ensure if your partner had any past of STD and if it was cured.

One must routinely inspect their genital areas for redness, soreness, itching etc. from time to time, and contact his/her physician immediately at the first notice of these symptoms.

One must use water based lubricants or jellies, during sex as they help preventing rupture of condoms during unprotected sex.

Also one must not indulge with multiple partners during same sex, as it cuts down the risk drastically.

Women must not indulge in sex, if they suffer from any uncommon symptoms related to sexual parts. Also take responsibility, and don’t indulge in these acts if you are suffering from STDs and are undergoing some treatment.