Prevention And Cure For Itching Skin

Itching Skin

A day at the beach can cause your skin to itch. Sun burn, food allergies, using public swimming pools and certain fabrics can have the same reaction. You need to first narrow down the cause of the itch and then you will be able to proceed to the treatment.

If you have itching skin all over the body then the cause is an allergic reaction. The sand at the beach can have the same effect on your skin. In order to take care of that you need to first have a warm water bath. Soak in the warm water and add some eau de cologne to the water to help to soothe the itching sensation. Use a mild anti septic soap on your skin to take care of any germs or bacteria that may have caused the sensation on your skin. Wipe your skin dry and the apply talcum powder all over your body to help to take care of the itching skin.


If food has caused an allergic reaction then you must drink plenty of water to get rid of it from your system. The water helps to wash out the food particles from your body. Call your doctor immediately if you notice swelling on your tongue or skin in general.

You could also try a few home remedies to soothe the itching skin.

Milk Turmeric

Mix the cream of the milk with turmeric powder and add a pinch of honey to the mixture. Use the mixture on parts of your skin that are burning. This will help to get rid of any red patches on your skin caused as a result of the itching.


You could also use honey on the areas that are itching to help to stop the itching instantly.

Aviod Touch

As a precaution to spread the itching you must avoid touching the area. If you do so you risk spreading the infection to different parts of the body. Always wash your new garments before you wear them to avoid them from causing allergic reactions on your skin.