Prevention And Home Remedies For Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol dependence syndrome commonly known as alcoholism is a type of disease which can be characterized by a frequent need to drink the alcohol and an inability to bring it to an end. Since alcohol addiction can create personal, family and even social problems it should be treated and cured at the earliest.

Alchol addiction

Permanent and complete healing of the alcohol dependence can be done by following some of the home cures mentioned below.

Symptoms Of Alcoholism

Inflated appearance of face and redness of eyes are the main symptoms to recognize an alcohol addict. The respiratory as well as digestive systems of the patient may not be functioning properly which can be considered as a significant symptom for the alcohol addiction. The voice of an alcohol abuser may turn croaky and the person may have a faster pulse rate. This is another symptom for alcohol addiction.

digestive problem

Delirium and vomiting can be noticed in a person who is an alcohol addict. The alcoholism may lead to serious illness like liver diseases, stomach disorders, heart related problems etc. Other symptoms which can be noticed in an alcohol abuser are sleeping disorders, restlessness, impairment in the judgment etc.


Causes Of Alcoholism

Starting for the alcoholism can be due to an occasional drink. This may lead to a regular consumption gradually. Financial problems may also lead to alcohol consumption. Some people may have turned to an alcohol addict due to pressure from the society or friends. Deficiency of potassium can also lead to alcohol addiction which is another main reason for this problem.

In order to escape from the burden of responsibilities, some people may move on to the way of drinking alcohol and gradually get addicted to it. Unexpected demise of loved one can also lead to alcoholism.


Home Remedies For Alcohol Addiction

Taking a limited diet of grapes can be advantageous in the treatment of alcoholism. The alcohol abuser should have a strong resolution to stop the intake of alcohol which is essential for the achievement of every treatment. A diet containing fresh grapes can be taken once in every six hours for the best results of treatment.


Yearning for wines can be reduced by consuming three to four apples a day which is considered as an excellent home remedy for alcohol addiction. This can also help in eradicating the intoxication due to alcohol intake. Dates are found to be important in the treatment of alcoholism. An alcoholic drink can be prepared by rubbing 3 to 4 dates in about 250 ml of water. This drink can be used twice a day for the better results of the treatment.


Bitter gourd is beneficial in healing the problem of alcohol addiction. Juice taken out from the fresh bitter gourd leaves can be used in the intoxication of alcoholism. About two to three teaspoons of bitter gourd juice can be blended in a cup of buttermilk and can be taken each morning. This is one of the excellent remedy for the alcohol addiction.

bitter gourd

Celery is one of the very useful home remedies for alcohol addiction. The abstemious effect on the alcohol abusers can be removed by consuming a glass of freshly extracted juice of celery diluted with same amount of water. The patients addicted to alcohol should be provided with a strong and well balanced diet which can be very helpful in the treatment of reducing alcoholism. Since smoking can encourage the need to have alcohol, it should be restricted to get the best results of treatment.


An urge to have alcohol can be very effectively prevented by consuming a glass of freshly prepared carrot juice. Fatty and oily food items should be avoided from the diet of the individual being addicted to alcohol. Taking a warm water enema can be excellent in the treatment of alcoholism as this can help in cleaning the bowels. Doing daily exercises and other physical activities can be useful as a part of the treatment for alcoholism.

avoid oily food

Salami is proved to be advantageous in alleviating alcohol addiction. Salami sandwiches can be taken once in a day which is found to be effective in soaking up alcohol from the body. Almond is another significant home remedy in case of alcohol addiction. Almonds especially raw almonds can be consumed daily which can be very effective in reducing dependence on alcohol.


Herbal remedies are available in the case of alcohol addiction. Herbs like evening primrose can be considered valuable in the treatment for alcoholism. Freshly extracted oil of prime rose can very effectively help in doing away the matter. Milk thistle is another herb which is known to be very useful in curing the liver diseases caused due to alcohol dependence.

This herb is popularly used as an ingredient for liver tonics and is very effective in repairing the injury caused to the liver due to the consumption of alcohol.


The ailing effects caused due to the over consumption of alcohol can be cured using dandelion. Dandelion is rich in polysaccharides and hence can help in increasing the immunity and generation of white blood cells (WBC). Rate of absorption of alcohol can be reduced drastically by using ginseng.

ginseing root

This can help in breaking down the alcohol content in the stomach and is a well known home remedy in the case of alcohol addiction. Herbal remedies using skullcap can be beneficial in healing the withdrawal signs of alcohol addiction.

Licorice is an important remedy in the case of alcohol addiction. Licorice roots are having antioxidant as well as antiviral properties which can be helpful in improving the functions or respiratory organs and liver.



Prolonged consumption of alcohol and other drugs can lead to increased level of depression and anxiety which can be very dangerous to the health and can even be life frightening. Hence the problem being very dangerous there is a need to treat it properly. As told, prevention is better than cure, we should not start the habit of drinking even for a fantasy or for looking cool as this can gradually pull us to the circle of addiction.