Prevetion and Treatment for Tinea Pedis

Tinea Pedis is commonly known as Athlete’s foot. It is a common skin disease and it does not necessarily affect only athletes. It is a fungal infection that is common to every person no matter what age, sex or gender; however adult males and teenagers are common victims. The infection is not as common in women and teenagers and good hygiene may be one of the main reasons for that.

Symptoms of the infection

Some of the symptoms of the infection include cracked feet, itching skin or burning soles, blisters and peeling of skin on the feet.

What causes the infection?

Poor hygiene and improper footwear are leading causes of the infection. Not washing your feet that are sweaty or not wiping your feet after washing them can lead to fungal infection. Wearing shoes tat are not clean, wearing wet shoes or those that are drenched in sweat can also cause the growth of the bacteria. Shoes that are tight and do not allow your feet to breathe can also cause an infection.

The best person to help you to cure the condition is a dermatologist. The diagnosis will reveal the degree of the infection as well as will help you to narrow down the cause of the infection thereby helping you to prevent the occurrence in the future.


In order to prevent the infection you must wash your feet regularly with warm water and a mild anti bacterial soap. Wipe your feet dry after washing them to prevent the bacteria from thriving in the crevices of your toes and between the digits.

Always wear the right sized footwear and wear socks if you are wearing closed shoes. In summer wear open shoes in order to let your feet breathe.

If your feet tend to perspire more than usual then you must dab talcum powder on your feet before you wear your shoes.

Never repeat wearing the same socks without a wash and air out your shoes when you get home to eliminate moisture in them.

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