Prominent Symptoms Of Bowel Syndrome


IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition which leads to the discomfort and pain in the abdomen. This syndrome has an altered bowel habit. Bowel syndrome is the common problem encountered by the digestive tract.

bowel syndrome

IBS is found to be twice more common in women compared to the men. Bowel syndrome can be seen in people at any age group while most of the people will encounter the initial symptoms in the age range of 20 and 35 years.Many people suffering from bowel syndrome will have much problem with the IBS symptoms while they do not find it necessary to consult a doctor. The bowel syndrome will influence strongly the life quality.

Symptoms And Signs Of Bowel Syndrome

The symptoms and signs of bowel syndrome differ extensively in various people. They are common to the symptoms of many other diseases. Some of the common symptoms of IBS with that of other diseases are bloating, abdominal pain, and gas, mucus present in stools, constipation and diarrhea.

The symptoms in many cases will be mild while in some cases they might be even serious when the person suffers from bowel syndrome along with other diseases. Some of the prominent symptoms of bowel syndrome are discussed here.

Abdominal Pain

The most commonly occurring symptom of bowel syndrome is pain in the abdomen or any discomfort in the abdomen. The pain usually is observed in the lower abdominal region towards the left side. The patient will also experience cramps in the stomach.

The pain or discomfort might range from mild to severe and it dwindles when the person move out the bowels. The pain will get enhanced, if the person eats something. The pain in the abdominal region will occur mostly at one time in a day especially in the evening times. Many women think that the pain is due to the menstruation.

lower abdomen

Altered Bowel Habit

The person suffering from bowel syndrome will have another common symptom of change in the bowel movement. The bowel nature will not be consistent and the stools will sometimes result in constipation and sometimes in diarrhea.

Sometimes, it might happen that the person will pass only little mucus through the bowels. Sometimes, the person will find it easy to move the bowels while sometimes he/she finds it difficult. After the bowel movement is completed, the person might again feel that the bowels were not emptied.



This symptom is quite commonly observed in women. The abdomen will be swollen a little bit and the person might feel bloated. Indigestion might result in bloating while indigestion itself is one of the signs of bowel syndrome.


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Nausea And Headache

These symptoms do not exist for long period. These symptoms usually accompany diarrhea as the body becomes dehydrated as well as is devoid of nutrients. So, the person becomes tired and feel out of control.


Reduced Libido

This symptom also do not persist for long duration. The sexual desire will get reduced probably due to the development of anxiety and depression in the person.

The physicians will usually categorize the people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome into three groups based on the symptoms shown by the people. These categories are

People with abdominal pain, constipation and bloating People with abdominal pain, urgency for emptying the bowels and diarrheaPeople with exchanged habit of diarrhea and constipation

reduce libido