Proper diet for pregnant women

It is always good news for one when a woman discovers that she is pregnant. She should understand that it is a time when the physical body and the mental emotions will be going to go through a series of changes over the next few months. Taking proper care of both the mind and the body will help her to stay healthy, feel better and keep the baby in full health and spirits as well. It is therefore; always vital for the pregnant mothers to realize the kind of food that suits her best and for the baby. Healthy diet is fundamental to successful pregnancy as it guarantees appropriate fetal growth and reduces difficulties.

Essential diet for pregnant women:

Foods needed: The baby only needs nutrients that he or she gets from what is already there in the mother’s body through the blood supply. The everyday diet of the would-be mothers should be packed with nutrients. One should consume plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. It should be a well balanced diet and full of fiber, calcium, protein and iron.

Iron: Pregnant women must consume foods that have high iron content. Fortified cereals, fish, eggs, poultry and green leafy vegetables should be in their daily diet. Since the iron from food is absorbed at a very slow pace, foods rich in Vitamin C should be consumed in order to improve iron absorption.

Calcium: The would-be mothers need 1500 mg of daily intake of calcium. Sufficient calcium is required for the bone growth of the fetus and to prevent the mother from losing the density of the bones. Salmon, green leafy vegetables, dairy products and tofu are some food that are rich in calcium and should be consumed sufficiently during pregnancy.

Folic acid: This is also vital for the growth and development of the fetus. Intake of 400 mg of folic acid can prevent a large amount of birth defects that are found among the newborn babies. Corn, beans, lean meat, liver, orange and dark green vegetables are rich in folic acid.

Foods to avoid: High fat food or intake of sugar should be limited and if possible eliminated. Raw fish, raw eggs, undercooked foods should be totally avoided. These might cause risk to the would-be mothers as well as their babies. Alcohol must be avoided and smoking must be totally stopped. Fried food should also be evaded.

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