Proper Food Habits for Gout Treatment

Gout is a kind of arthritis and an affliction that attacks the joints as well as the tissues that surround the joints. This disease can be easily treated and tend the affect the joints of big toe, knees, ankles, feet, hands and wrists.

Men usually have the higher chance of developing the ailment rather than women. In most cases, men in the age group of 40 to 50 have high chances of being attacked by the disease. Alcohol is mainly considered as one the major factors that tend to develop the disease among men.

In women, gout is found in much smaller numbers and the ailment is found to affect women just before menopause. The ailment develops rarely among the children and young adults. Gender, age, genes, overweight, enzyme defect, alcohol intake, purine rich food etc are some of the risk factors for the development of gout.

However, there are a lot of ways through which gout can be treated. The lifestyle changes of the sufferer are a must for the treating and curing of the disease. Hence proper food habit is a vital factor for the treating of the ailment:

Water: Consumption of large quantities of water is a must for the curing of the ailment. The sufferer is required to intake water at least half the weight of his body in ounces each and every day. This large consumption of water helps to flush out the toxins and uric acid that are there in the blood.

Cherries and vegetables: There are some fruits and food that help to fight gout. These fruits and foods are rich in vitamins and help to prevent the onset of the disease.

The anti-inflammatory quality of the cherries helps to reduce the swelling of the joints as well as the uric acid that is there within the blood. Not only the cherries, all the vegetables and celery in particular have the ability to lower the amount of uric acid in the body and prevent swellings of the joints.

The sufferers are required to stay away from any kind of meat, seafood and shellfish as they have rich content of purine. Alcohol should also be avoided.

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