Properties And Health Benefits Of Graviola


Graviola tree is one of the blossoming evergreen trees, inhabitant of South and Central parts of America, Caribbean islands and a few tropical African countries.

It bears a very sweet fruit having a white pulp along with candy like black seeds. Graviola is also famously called by many more names like soursop, custard apple, guyabano etc. Graviola are proved to have many valuable health benefits due to the antimicrobial, antibacterial, hypotensive and anti-inflammatory properties. A few of the health benefits and properties are mentioned below.

Health Benefits Of Graviola

Graviola is proved to be one of the important remedies in the case of digestive disorders. It is found that the unripe fruits of graviola can very effectively help in reducing the problem of indigestion. Consuming one or two unripe graviola fruits can be beneficial in curing the problem completely and efficiently. These fruits are known to be one of the excellent home cures for the diseases like poop and dysentery.

Consuming tender leaves of graviola can be regarded as an excellent remedy in the case of other intestinal troubles like intestinal worms. Graviola fruit juice is also found to be useful in killing the intestinal parasites.

Graviola is occasionally used in curing certain fevers and sickness. Consuming one or two fruits of graviola can be regarded as an effective method to cure fever and bowel disorders. It is used as an excellent home cure in the case of dengue fever as it can help in enhancing the number of blood platelets.

An admirable tea can be prepared at home by boiling a few tender leaves of graviola. Drinking this tea once in a day can be valuable in reducing the tenderness of the mucus gland. Spreading a layer of graviola leaves and sleeping over them can be regarded as an effective method to cure fever.

Depression and bipolar problems can be very effectively cured using the leaves of graviola. Graviola leaves are proved to be rich in alkaloids. Consuming leaves of graviola can be valuable in balancing the hormone level that regulates the degree of happiness in certain situations.

It can also be helpful in preventing the reduction of hormone namely serotonin, that decides the degree of joy. Recent studies have shown that the alkaloids present in the leaves of graviola can very effectively help in curing nervous disorders and diseases like Parkinson’s.

Graviola is found to be effective in inhibiting the development of cancer cells. Graviola fruits are found to be helpful in killing the malignant cells that causes the problem of cancer. Consuming graviola fruits can very effectively help in reducing the risk of various cancers especially, prostrate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.

It is found to be one of the efficient methods against cancer without any serious side effects. Consuming graviola fruits and leaves can also be regarded as an excellent method to boost our body immunity. It can also help in checking serious infections and diseases.

Drinking a tea prepared using graviola leaves can be helpful in preventing the problem of heart disorders. It can also help in killing the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases like herpes, flu, coughs and several other infections.


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