Prostate – Causes And Treatments

Prostate has been a problem for the males in the age group of 50 and above for many years. It is the inflammation of prostate gland. After achieving age of 50 years, most of the people start getting one or the other form of prostate. It is a disorder related to prostate gland.

The major symptom of prostate is the problem in passage of urine and a frequent urge to void the urine. Other symptoms include mild pain in legs, hips, lower back and feet. Aging is the major reason for this problem because in old age the body looses its flexibility and moreover it becomes heavier. Due to this pressure on pelvis is increased considerably and consequently vulnerability of prostate gland gets increased. Hence, aging is the major contributor to this problem.

Moreover, people whose occupation involves sitting for long time are at the higher risk of getting prostate problem because sitting for a long time increases the pressure on pelvis which in turn develops congestion for the prostate gland. Constipation is also responsible for the problem of prostate. In some case the extra excitement for sex is also found to contribute this problem. Though, medications are available for the treatment of prostate, but it can be controlled using home remedies also. The home remedies for prostate are easy and simple way for treatment of this disease. These are free from chemical and side effects and are available at almost no cost.

It has been found that vegetable juice is remarkably helpful in treatment of prostate. Take 250 ml each of spinach juice and carrot juice and mix them. Take this mixture for few days, you will find a great relief in your prostate problem. Seeds of pumpkin are very helpful in treatment of prostate. It eases the passage of urine and regulates it. Consuming 100 gm of pumpkin seeds per day is very helpful in prostate. You should drink water in sufficient amount. You can mix lemon juice with water for better results. Take care of your intake of vitamins in your diet. A balanced diet rich in vitamins will help. Vitamin E is also very helpful in treatment of prostate.

Hence, it is advisable that you should take vitamin E containing food in sufficient amount. Zinc is a mineral which helps in treatment of prostate. Therefore, take the food that contains zinc. You should control your desire for sex, excessive sex is not good for prostate problem.