Protect your Skin during Summer

Summer is the time when your skin gets exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Over exposure to the sun leads to serious skin damage. Staying in the sun for too long without protecting your skin can be dangerous and hence it must be avoided.During the warmer months of the year you need to wear cotton clothes that let your skin breathe with ease. Wearing synthetic clothes will harm your skin and may even cause rashes and skin burns. Wear light colored clothes that do not attract heat.

It is imperative that you wear sunscreen during summer. Apply a thick layer of the lotion and reapply it every few hours. It is also important to protect your eyes and head. This can be done by wearing a wide brimmed hat, protective glasses and even a scarf on your head. This will prevent the harsh rays of the sun affecting your skin and hurting your eyes.

Though you may want to expose yourself to the sun during these few weeks of the year you must avoid sitting in the direct sunlight even if you are wearing sunscreen. Sitting in the shade will help to prevent a suntan and harming your skin.

During summer your body will get dehydrated often. In order to avoid this you must drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juices and smoothies. If your body is well hydrated it will lose lesser amounts of water. Drink a glass of water every hour to maintain the hydration levels in your body.

Do not expose your skin to the sun for a long period of time. This means that you need to avoid spending too much time outdoors. The sun not only takes a toll on your skin it also affects your overall health. Spending too much time in the sun will lead to severe headaches, migraine pains and even nausea. All this can be avoided by spending short amounts of time in the sun.

In order to prevent damaging your skin and harming your health you need to always carry a bottle of water with you so that you an hydrate yourself constantly. Do not venture outside between 11 am and 3 pm; this is when the sun rays do the most damage. If you exercise outdoors then do so early in the morning or late at night.