Pure Essential Oils For Migraine Treatment


The fragrant liquid products that are derived from the plants are called essential oils. There are a wide variety of uses of the essential oils that range from perfumery, incense, cosmetics etc. These oils are also used for culinary purposes, in aromatherapy and, have varied medicinal usages.

Each and every essential oil has its own particular essence which in turn helps in influencing our moods and emotions as well as in relaxing and stimulating our mind and body. All the essential oils have their own usages and medicinal benefits. Peppermint, lemon and geranium are extremely useful essential oils that are largely responsible for the treating and curing of migraine pain.

Peppermint essential oil: This essential oil is extremely beneficial for the stimulation and the strengthening of the inner forces of the mind and body. The oil is extremely useful in the relieving of the tension headaches that result from weak and poor digestive system, from liver congestion, as well as from sluggish circulation.

Studies and researches have proved that peppermint essential oil is excellent for the curing of migraine headaches. This oil has the capability to successfully clear the brain fog when one feels low in energy as well as fatigued.

Lemon essential oil: This essential oil is extracted from the Citrus Limon of the Rutaceae family and is known to improve concentration of the individuals. This oil has a sharp and fresh smell and is pale greenish yellow in color. The lemon essential oil is extracted from the fresh fruit peel by cold compression.

This essential oil is known to treat and cure migraine headaches effectively and efficiently. The fresh stimulating aroma of the oil is believed to play a vital role in the healing of migraines.

Lavender essential oil: This essential oil is known for its cooling and calming effect on the mind of the individuals and has been successfully used for the treating of sore or tense muscles, emotional stress, tensions, nerves, headaches, migraines etc. The essential oil is popular for its soothing and calming effect on the minds of the individuals and in the relieving of headaches.