Qi Gong for Eye Health

Qi Gong or Chi Kung, as people might call it, is actually a Chinese method of detoxifying the body of negative energies and letting its natural healing powers take over for holistic improvement of the body. There are number of exercises that one can follow for total improvement of the body or do exercises that are designed for improvement and wellness of certain body parts.

Eye is probably one of the most vital organs of the body. You can easily maintain eye health with Qi Gong exercises. If done correctly and religiously, Qi Gong can actually improve vision also. It can be very helpful in conditions like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, double vision and several other problems of the eye including eye stress.

To relieve eye stress, simply take a break every hour or two and do one very simple eye exercise. But make sure that whenever you do the exercises wash your hands properly to prevent any infection. The first set of pressure points is located on both sides of your nose, just below the inner side of your eyes and above the nostrils. Gently rub them in circular motion at the same time. The other set is located just below the inner corner of the eyes. Simultaneously squeeze them gently for 16 times with your thumb and index finger. This detoxifies your eye as well as moistens them and keeps your vision clear.

Another simple eye exercise that you can do is looking side to side; up and down and cross eyed. In the first set, open your eyes wide, look up as far as you can and then hold the position. Inhale and exhale fully with slow diaphragmatic breathing for three or four seconds and then repeat it by looking downwards as far as you can. In all conditions you must keep your head straight and fixed. Repeat it by looking side to side as far as you can stretch and also by looking cross eyed. In the last case, use your thumb to guide you in focusing far and near.

On a much broader scale, Qi Gong vision therapy aims at a holistic approach to healthy eyes. So they include everything from proper diet, lifestyle and exercises and is based on four things –

•    Cleansing of the body and detoxification
•    Stretching, retraining and development of the muscles
•    Relaxation
•    Internal healing