Raw Food Treatments for Cancer

In the quest for a remedy for cancer, researches have stumbled upon the theory that raw unprocessed foods can be highly effective in the cure for cancer. Foods that are high in the Vitamin K constituency like cabbage, broccoli, mustard green, cucumber peels, spinach and turnips are such vegetables.

Raw food treatments require patients suffering from cancer to eat the foods without being cooked or processed, you may eat the fruits and vegetables in their raw or natural form in salad preparations or sandwiches or you may juice them and drink up. When you are preparing juices of the fruits and vegetable you may add pepper and turmeric to the juices as they have curative powers in fighting cancer.

Some of the juices that you must consume on a daily basis are carrot juice, juice of beetroots and vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower.

Instead of drinking only vegetable juices, you can also drink fruit juices. There is no limit to how much juice you can drink on a daily basis the only thing you must be careful off is to make sure that it does not affect the amount of water that you drink. Orange juice, pineapple juice, strawberry juice and peaches and apricots are a good option.

One must also be careful not to mix vegetable and fruit juices when you are fasting. This reduces the effect of the fast and leaves your body in the same position that it started at.

Remember that fruits and vegetables have properties that can kill the cancer producing cells and organisms and hence you must load up on these foods. One must also make sure that you do not make any dietary alterations without the consent of the doctor who is treating you. Fasting without permission can be detrimental to your health. Also, avoiding your medication to opt for a fast will be fatal and hence you must consult with your practitioner before you start any diet or changes in it.

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