Raw Milk

We live in a time where most of us are afraid to eat any foods that are in the raw state. However these foods are the ones that have the maximum number of nutrients and thus they are healthier than processed foods. In many countries people fear drinking raw milk as they are afraid that the milk may contain bacteria that can be harmful to the body and hence they prefer pasteurized milk. However one must also keep in mind that processed milk has a higher risk of adulteration. There are several benefits to drinking raw milk as opposed to processed milk.

Raw milk is full of nutrients and fats that are healthy and essential for your body. Though you may argue with the fact that unpasteurized milk contains bacteria such as E-coli the fact still remains that you can boil raw milk at home before you drink it. This will help to eliminate all the bacteria from your body.

Research has proved that in some cases pasteurizing milk also makes it toxic. This is because big industries process the milk and add bleach to it to whiten the milk. They also add harmful chemicals to the milk. In some cases the milk is poured into the carton while it is hot and the steam blends with the material of the carton and makes the milk toxic.

If you suffer from constant indigestion or allergies then drinking raw milk will help to control these conditions. In many cases children who are diagnosed with Autism are placed on a raw milk diet and they show improvement in a few weeks.

Lactating mothers who are unable to produce sufficient milk to feed their babies are asked to drink raw milk as it helps to improve the production of breast milk.

Lactose intolerant individuals do not have any allergic reactions to raw milk or foods that are processed with raw milk.

Now that you have all this information please ensure that you research the dairy farms in your area that provide you raw milk. Make a smart choice; one that will help to improve your health.

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