Reasons and Remedies for Constipation in Children and Infants

It is impossible to watch a baby cry and not react to it. Most of the times babies cry due to stomach aches that are caused due to constipation. If your baby is constipated for a day then you need not worry but if she has not had a bowel movement for more than 24 hours then you need to be concerned.

Reasons why babies get constipated

Some babies are not able to stomach formula milk when they are being switched over from breast milk. While breast milk is natural and takes care of all the requirements of the child; formula milk is artificially prepared and hence may be difficult for the child to digest. Introduction of solid foods can also cause constipation; hence you must introduce solids gradually. When solids are introduced the digestive system finds it difficult to digest the food as it tends to get heavier and this indigestion leads to constipation. Another reason why babies get constipated is dehydration. If your child is not getting the required amounts of water then she will get constipated.

In order to take care of these issues there are a few remedies that you can try. If the baby is crying out of pain caused by the constipation then you need to exercise the baby. Lay it down flat on the back and pick the legs and press it towards the stomach. You can also move the legs in circular motions; as if the child were cycling. This helps to boost the bowel movements; it also eases the pain that is caused by the hardened stools.

You could also try massaging the child stomach gently. Use a generous amount of lotion or coconut oil on your hands and begin to massage the child’s stomach.

Offer the child water and other liquids like fruit and vegetable juices to soften the stools and to be able to enhance the child’s bowel movements. You must ensure that the child gets plenty of water daily. Along with adequate water the child must also receive plenty of fibrous foods like vegetable purees and fruit juices. These help to regulate bowel movements.