Reasons and Remedies for Leg Cramps at Night

There are several factors that give rise to leg cramps. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies are the most common and the next most common factor is pregnancy. Finding a remedy for this condition is easy as each cause has its own remedy. Thus it is important to understand the actual reason for the pain or cramps.

If the cramps are pregnancy related then I recommend that you speak with a doctor as I do not advice you to take any medications at this stage in your life. You may massage your legs before you go to bed at night. Form a night time routine that will help you to have undisturbed sleep. Soak your feet in a tub or warm water followed by a nice warm bath.

When you are done with your bath massage your feet with some lavender infused oil and then jump right into bed. This routine will ensure that you sleep well and prevent the cramps from making a nuisance of them as well.

You must also speak with your doctor to check if it is alright for you to have vitamin E supplements. You could also try exercising for 20 to 30 minutes at night before you go to bed. A walk in the park or around the neighborhood after dinner is a good way to keep yourself healthy and your legs free of aches and pains all through the night.

If your cramps are a result of over exercising or over exerting leg muscles then you must soak your feet in warm water with rock salt added to the water. Also add eucalyptus oil to the water or blend it with any other oil and use it to massage the feet.

A thyroid issue as well as lack of a certain mineral or vitamin can lead to this condition. If you have a chronic condition then you can try any of the following treatments. Elevate your foot when you sleep at night. Use a few pillows at night to keep your foot higher than the rest of your body to keep the flow of blood constant. You can also apply an ice pack to the foot before you go to bed; this creates a numb sensation and the foot does not feel any pain.