Reasons to be Careful When Choosing Your Summer Flip Flops

Most of us choose to sport flip flops in the summer to beat the heat. This can be extremely relaxing as your feet are able to breathe and are not stuffed into closed footwear that makes them sweat. In fact; flip flops are now becoming a fashion statement that is directly related to summer. Although these are one of the most comfortable types of footwear to wear during the summer; one must also remember that they are a potential health risk. When you step out in them your feet are open and they tend to attract the germs and bacteria from the surrounding areas. One must be extremely careful when they step out in them.

When you step into a public restroom you are exposing your feet to 13,000 bacteria and hence one must be extremely careful. These germs can inhabit on your feet and enter your nails if they are not washed away immediately. In order to prevent any bacterial infection one must wash their feet with a mild anti bacterial soap after using a public restroom. Remember to wash between your toes and clean your nails too. Wipe your feet after you wash them.

You stand to contaminate your feet with germs even at the beach. Well, obviously you are not going to walk around the beach in a pair of sneakers. But you must make sure that you maintain your hygiene even when you are at the beach. Make sure that you wash off the sand from your feet. Merely dusting them with a towel will not help. There will still be a few germs that cling on to your skin and put you at risk of a skin infection or a rash.

In general when you are stepping out in your flip flops; whatever the season or the time of day you must remember to protect your feet from the sun. Use a sunscreen on your feet in order to prevent them from getting an unwanted tan or sunburn. You must also make sure that you wash your feet well after you return. This will help to get rid of any bacteria that may get attracted to your feet. You must also massage your feet well with almond oil or coconut oil; this will help to relax the feet and moisturize them.

Massaging them will ensure that they look healthy and youthful. Wear your flip flops only for short term use like occasions when you are going to the beach or the pool or maybe in the garden at home. Avoiding prolonged use will work in your favor.