Reasons Why One Should Drink Water Regularly

Drinking water is very essential for good health. One should make it a habit to drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water in a day. There are many reasons why one should drink water regularly.

Most ladies and skin conscious men would surely appreciate the first reason why one should drink water regularly. Drinking about eight to ten glasses of water in a day helps one to replenish the moisture lost by the drying effect of  the sun. This helps to remove dryness of the skin and make the skin glowing and clear.

Those who appreciate natural remedies would appreciate the  fact that water helps to moisturize the mucus producing tissues that helps to eliminate viruses. It also helps to eliminate the phlegm from cough and also helps to hydrate the body and brain remove that flaky feeling during fever. Drinking water regularly also helps to eliminate those headaches during fever.

One more of those valuable reasons why one should drink  water regularly is that it helps to improve the roughage of  food and eliminates constipation. Besides those who have an upset stomach should also take water regularly with ORS, electrolyte and other liquids to prevent a further run down by dehydration.

The other valuable reason why one should drink water regularly is to boost ones energy. This helps to reduce the glycogen ones muscles use to gain energy.  In addition sweating can impair ones concentration and reactions. Hence if one wants ones body and mind to go that extra mile he should drink a lot of water regularly.

Hit chances of developing acidity by consuming pain killers like aspirin and ibuprofen and other antibiotics by drinking a lot of water while consuming these medicines. The reason lies in the fact that water dilutes the medicine and prevents it from hitting a sensitive point.

Those who have kidney stones have a valuable reason to drink water regularly. When one drinks a lot of water it dilutes the salt crystals that would develop into stones. It is still more better if one takes lime juice with water because he citric acid in lime combines with oxalates in the stones to form calcium citrate that can be easily eliminated from ones body.

Here is a good reason for those frequent international lyers to drink water regularly. One should drink water just before one gets on the flight and every hour thereafter. This helps a lot to replenish the water content in the body that dries due to dry air in the plane. In addition, drinking non-alcoholic drinks like fresh fruit juices helps one feel flying fit throughout the journey. You may have to visit the loo often, however this would only help your legs  and bodies get more exercise.

One good reason for those wanting to be slim to drink more water regularly is that it makes you feel full after a meal. Regular drinking of water would help one feel full before ones next meal.  Also most of us tend to misunderstand thirst as hunger and tend to overeat.  Drinking water also helps eliminate those extra calories in iced tea,  juices and colas and helps one to lose weight.

To end, everyone could find his own reason why he or she should drink a lot of water.  So it is best to make it a habit to drink a lot of water and be healthy in body and mind.