Reasons Why One Should Fast Regularly

It is good to eat good and healthy foods at regular intervals. However it is not good to eat a lot and tax one’s digestive system. It is very necessary to cleanse one’s body and eliminate build up of toxins in the body. There are both physical and mental reasons why one should undertake a fast regularly.

The first and most important reason why one should undertake a fast regularly is to create immunity to diseases. A day’s fast with the bare food requirements helps to detoxify one’s body and to create chemicals in one’s body to build up immunity.

Besides it is always best to give rest to one’s digestive system regularly for it to perform better. Just like any machinery requires overhauling from time to time the same applies to this digestive machinery of the human body too.

The reason for one to fast regularly is to overhaul one’s respiratory, circulatory and urinary system. This overhauling helps to eliminate uric acid and clear the body of the impurities and toxins in it.

Besides one of the reason why some people take to fasting is for religious purposes. However religious aspects apart one should fast regularly is that it provides calmness in the mind and promotes healthy emotional and mental life. Every person has certain negative thoughts like hatred, dislike, revenge, anger and jealousy. Fasting helps to calm these emotions, which cause serious damage to one’s physical and mental well-being. Fasting helps to eliminate these damages to one’s health due to the rest of the digestive system and the calmness fasting promotes.

Fasting for a day is the best cure for an upset stomach. One should definitely undertake a fast then to eliminate waste from one’s body and give rest to one’s overtaxed digestive system. This fast helps to restore the normal functioning soon.

Health specialists are of the opinion that the reason why one should fast for a day on fruits alone in a week or go on an orange juice fast for 3 days in a month is that  it helps to promote good health.

Hence one should fast regularly for the reason that it makes the mind and body calm and reduces the ill-effects of tension, excitement and passion. Fasting regularly creates harmony in the functioning of the head, heart, body and mind. It makes one mentally and spiritually stronger and promotes concentration, meditation and helps one maintain chastity and celebacy.

Whatever be the reason or motive why one feels likes taking up a fast regularly, one can be sure that a regular weekly one day fast helps one to keep one’s body and mind healthy, sound and happy.

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