Reasons Why You Need to Refuse Caffeine

Several publications state that caffeine is dangerous to your health. Tea, coffee and energy drinks are the ones that have the highest amount of caffeine. Pregnant women are forbidden caffeine in high doses. What makes caffeine so deadly that it is forbidden? Caffeine is a stimulant and it normally reduces fatigue, increases concentration and improves alertness and it improves co ordination. Despite all of these positive benefits caffeine also has a number of negatives.

Some of the negative impacts of caffeine include the fact that it gets absorbed by the liver and the blood stream quickly. It affects the body because it increases the amount of urine and also the fact that it does not get eliminated from the body easily.

Caffeine causes almost the same reaction as alcohol does in the brain. It has a negative impact on the short term memory and also reduces alertness. Caffeine leads to heavy head syndrome, headaches, insomnia and muscles twitches. It is for this reason that pregnant women are not allowed to consume caffeine. Consuming it in high volumes has been linked to miscarriages.

Though caffeine promotes alertness; consuming it in large volumes leads to slurred speech and then eventually it leads to the body giving up under the stress it goes through. If it is consumed in exceedingly high quantities then it could lead in death eventually.

If you need to pull an all-nighter then using coffee or caffeine as a means will not help. Although it is a stimulant and it gets rid of fatigue it will in no way help to keep you alert through the night. As a matter of fact it will slow down all bodily processes eventually.

Do not be fooled by the fact that coffee and tea are the only sources of caffeine. It is used in other beverages like colas and most fizzy drinks. Chocolates and cakes also have huge amounts of caffeine in them. You must also be aware of chocolate brownies and muffins as they may have a hint of caffeine. Make it a point to ask the sales person for the ingredients or look for it on the packaging. This way you are aware of what you are eating.