Reduce Blood Pressure – Using Herbs And Natural Cures

For any human being, maintaining the normal blood pressure level is very important to keep the heart healthy. High blood pressure is a troublesome and ‘silent killer’ type of disorder, which is also known as hypertension. Three main levels of blood pressure are mild hypertension, moderate hypertension and severe hypertension.

There are some different causes of hypertension such as stress and tensions in our daily life, long working hours, insufficient rest and sleep, poor food habits, consuming high quantity of sodium, obesity, changing form of hormones, etc.

Its effects:

Due to this condition, the capillaries or arteries in our body that contribute blood to the other cells, become pressed and narrow. Mainly it affects our heart and as a result, various complicated diseases take place in our body like damage of blood vessels, heart diseases, heart attacks, stroke and kidney failure. Severe pain in the body, nervousness, weakness, excessive bleeding from nostrils, chest pain are also some of the symptoms caused by high blood pressure. Therefore, you should take some herbs and natural cures to stay away from this dangerous disease in a safe way.

Some effective cures for high blood pressure:

Garlic has an effective property to control the blood pressure in a normal way. You should eat a sufficient quantity of garlic with cooked food every day as it can prevent thrombosis in your body. Take some dried seeds of watermelon and cuscus grass, grind them gently and consume one tsp of this herbal powder on your empty stomach two times in a day for about two weeks.

You will find the differences in your blood pressure level. You can also take some fenugreek seeds that are soaked in warm water overnight at early morning on your empty stomach every day. You should chew four leaves of basil and neem every morning on your empty stomach for lowering the blood pressure level.

Prepare a drink by mixing juice of half a lemon with one glass of fresh warm water and consume it repeatedly after every 2 hours in a day to lower down high blood pressure. Consuming another mixture of 2 tsp each of Indian gooseberry juice and honey can help you to reduce hypertension quickly.

Prepare another residue by boiling about 50 curry leaves into one and half glass of water. Leave the residue to cool and drink it in the early morning after brushing your teeth. To get instant relief from hypertension you can consume the grape juice once everyday for about one month.

Intake of two slices of papaya on empty stomach for about half-month can help you to heal the syndrome fast. Again, you should eat some baked potatoes everyday to get rid of this hazard. Consuming the mixture of equal quantity of onion juice and honey has the power to lowering the blood pressure level into normal. You can also drink a natural solution by mixing 2 tsp of cayenne pepper with 2 cups of warm water to improve the blood circulation in your body. You can include fresh fruits, green vegetables and brown rice in your daily diet.

Lastly, you should stop the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and smoking to maintain the proper blood pressure level.