Reduce Carbohydrate Intake to Live Healthy and Happy

Carbohydrates are required by the body but only in small portions. However most of the foods that we eat are rich in carbohydrates and this gets converted into fats; this in turn get absorbed by the body and causes the formation of fatty deposits on your body.

Lowering your consumption of carbohydrates is extremely beneficial as you will be able to lower your weight drastically as well as control any possibility of diabetes. I have a few tips that will help you to enjoy your meals without having to let go of the parts of the meal that you love the most.

Bread is a huge source of carbohydrates and most of us eat a sandwich almost every day. This must be avoided; but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have your snacks. Instead of filling meats, mayonnaise and mustard in between your slices of bread you can fill them in between lettuce slices or salad leaves. Or for that matter shred all the meats and vegetables that you use to make your sandwich and make a salad instead.

Beverages are other sources of carbohydrates. The most common form of consuming a beverage is with a meal. If you are considering ways to reduce your carbohydrate intake then consider drinking water with you meal rather than a beverage. Fizzy drinks have a great amount of calories in them so avoid them at all costs. If you must have beverage then drink an energy drink that contains electrodes in them.

If your body craves sweets or sugar then don’t eat a cookie or a slice if bread. Instead eat an apple with cheese or peanut butter. Though apples contain carbohydrates your body will benefit from the fiber content of the fruit.

Go on a fresh fruit and vegetable diet for 3 days every month. You do not need to do it on 3 consecutive days instead try it out once a week. This diet will clean your system and make sure that the toxins are eliminated from your body. A green diet will also reduce your carbohydrate consumption naturally and thus you will gain a lot from this diet. Not only will you feel fit you will also experience a surge in your energy levels.

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