Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

The risk of breast cancer among women can be increased by consumption of alcohol or by smoking. These two factors are like accelerators which increase the risk of breast cancer by a considerable extent. Drinking one or more drink a day means a clear invitation to the breast cancer. In fact, alcohol increases the level of estrogen, a hormone mainly responsible for breast cancer, in our body.

The increased level of estrogen causes an increased risk of breast cancer. So, if you are a regular drinker and drink one drink or more daily, you may be a victim of breast cancer in future. The best thing you should do is to give up drinking or at least you can reduce the amount you take daily. Similarly the reports of smoking increasing the risk of breast cancer are increasing everyday. Various researches and studies have shown that both the passive and active smoking is increasing the risk of breast cancer among women of all ages.

Thus, smoking can develop breast cancer in a woman before she reaches the menopause stage in her life. There are a number of cancer causing chemicals in cigarette which are absorbed in our body during active and passive smoking. Moreover, studies show that the smoking and drinking can also lead to lung cancer.

The symptoms of breast cancer are development of lump, enlarged underarm lymph node, a dimple in the breast, breast swelling, an area of thickening around the breast etc. However, having one or more of these symptoms doesn’t confirm the breast cancer, but if you find any of these symptoms you should go to a doctor for medical check up. The best way to find a breast cancer in its early stage is the self examination of the breast cancer. It improves the chances of breast cancer detection. However, you need not to worry if you find a symptom. The simplest way is to discuss the matter with doctor. Any abnormality in or around your breast should be disclosed to the doctor.

Though, the reason for the development of breast cancer among women is not very clear and various researches are under process to find a proper reason for this, there are various ways those can be used to reduce the risk of breast cancer. If you are overweight, you can enroll yourself in a weight reducing program. If you drink or smoke, you should avoid these in order to control the amount of estrogen in your body.