Reduce Water Retention In Your Face With These Remedies


Home Remedies For Water Retention

If you wake up in the morning and notice your face swollen then it is probably due to water retention. There are several factors that lead to water retention in the body. Consuming alcohol or wine or even a huge amount of caffeine can lead to water retention. Lack of sleep or even food allergy could cause puffiness and swelling on the face. There is no need to worry about this; it is not an illness and it can be cured with simple home remedies. The first thing you need to do is analyze the factors that contribute to this condition and avoid them.

If consuming a certain food or even drinking something in particular is causing this condition then you need to eliminate it from your diet completely. If you do not pay attention to this condition in the earlier stages it could lead to edema and you could suffer with swelling on the entire body.

Remedies To Reduce Water Retention In Your Face

In order to get rid of the excess water from your body you need to drink plenty of water and fruit juices. When the body is well hydrated it is able to get rid of the excess toxins by waste elimination. You can get rid of the excess fluids from your body in this manner.

Cranberry Juice For Water Retention

If you do not want to drink water then you may choose to drink some fresh fruit juices. Cranberry juice is beneficial to the body in this condition as it offers the body a huge amount of anti oxidants that help the body to eliminate waste.

Orange juice is also beneficial as it will load the body with vitamins and minerals and this will help eliminate the excess fluids from your body. If you notice swelling in your face daily then you need to start the day by drinking a glass of warm water.

Orange Juice For Water Retention

Add a spoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice to the water. This drink will eliminate the toxins from your body within a matter of minutes. This is an easy way to get rid of the swelling from your face. Drink unsweetened lemon juice throughout the day to get rid of excess water levels in your body.

Honey For Water Retention

Remedies For Water Retention