Reduce Weight For Better Sexual Health

In the present circumstances, by the term “sexual health”, we mean, the overall condition of health of an individual. Sexuality plays a vital role in the human life. Adore, warmth and sexual closeness all play a pivotal role to healthy relationships. There are different factors that play a fundamental part for better sexual health.

Some physical disorders like painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, anxiety about infertility, panic of accidental pregnancy and various female sexual problems can influence the capability to have or get pleasure from sex. These are some of the many factors that can affect the sexual life. Other than these, there are some potent factors that need to be considered in order to enjoy a better sexual health. They are the overall physical condition of an individual, STD (sexually transmitted disease, obesity (need for weight reduction), impotence, self image, lack of sexual satisfaction, stress and so on.

Obesity plays a fundamental role in affecting healthy sexual life. Hence, the need to reduce weight has become an essential factor in enjoying a better sexual health. As per a number of researches conducted recently, obesity is well-known for reducing healthy sexual activity and is the main factor behind poor sexual health. Among women, unplanned pregnancy is four times more for women who are obese than the normal-weight women while in men, obesity is known to raise the level of impotence and danger of contracting the STD among men.

Weight can be reduced through the conduction of regular exercise. Exercise is crucial and a requisite for weight reduction. Walking and swimming are very good exercises. One must make it a point to exercise daily so as to reduce weight and gain a better sexual health. Walking or any forms of exercise not only reduce the weight, but also boost the testosterone level, which in turn increases the level of libido as well as sexual activity.

Dieting is also a good way to reduce the weight. The individuals must be totally concerned with his diet styles. He should always avoid red meat, hard alcohol, junk food, and fried foods, etc. that are injurious to health and try to consume fresh fruits and green vegetables, green tea, fresh fish and so on. This will not only reduce his weight but also increase his sexual health.