Regaining Libido In Men Naturally

Libido is the sexual desire a man has to have sex or intercourse with his partner. Sexual desires start diminishing with age that is natural but with growing age you are becoming sexually inactive then it is alarming. However with growing stress levels, alcohol consumption, and lack of physical activity men are becoming less sexually active by the age of 40 only. All these external factors along with some internal factors are taking toll on man’s libido.

Decline in the level of male sex hormone testosterone is also responsible for decrease in sexual appetite. Lesser amount of testosterone leads to several other problems like erectile dysfunction, weak muscles, gaining weight, depression etc. So we can say that the key to improve your sexual drive is to remain stress free that is most important for healthy sex life.

Next the nutrition our sexual well being and fertility depends upon what we eat. An under nourished male can never have healthy sexual life. Our daily diet comprises of best aphrodisiacs which we eat daily and every nutritionist will suggest to boost your sex drive. Most common aphrodisiacs found in our daily meals a5re Onion, Garlic, Ginger and pepper. During Premature ejaculation treatment it is advisable to eat nuts like almonds and pistachios. They are supposed to be natural boosters for sex drive, because they contain vitamin E which cures impotency and erectile dysfunction.

Sexual performance products like [email protected]@ are also used for treating erectile dysfunctions. But they come with side effects and should only be taken after consultation with your doctor. Natural treatment first takes care of your stress levels and by eliminating stress. Then problem of low testosterone is being taken care of. Finally overall sexual health is treated with natural products.

Herbs and herb supplements also known as “New Alternatives” are the latest natural cures for restoring male libido. They help in enhancing man’s sexual appetite by increasing the size of penis and result in harder erections. Natural herbs that help in regaining libido are Barrenwort, L-arginine, maca ,Panax Ginseng, tongkat Ali, and vevet bean. Each of them helps in different way to improve sexual desire in men. These natural supplements increase testosterone level, increase blood flow to the penis, reduce the level of stress and increase the level of energy thus giving a sexual boost . It is not only the power of herbs like ginkgo, ginseng, long jack etc but nutrients like l-arginine and zinc which together give desired results.

Few dietary changes like increasing protein intake with eggs help in increasing the level of testosterone. Zinc found in animal protein like lamb, beef etc. is a good aphrodisiac, also found in oysters. To increase blood circulation to the sexual organs essential fatty acids are important which are found in fish, olives, olive oil etc. Excess of carbohydrates decreases sexual drive as insulin produced by carbohydrates lowers the level of testosterone. If low level of testosterone are detected then brown rice, oysters, Avocados , bananas, salmon, all types of nuts cheese and asparagus should be eaten to boost your sex drive. Except for all these natural supplements maintaining healthy life style and living a stress free life is most important to regain your sexual appetite.