Relief from Eye Stress

You must have often felt that your eyes are feeling tired after a long session in front of computers, or after reading some books, or in other similar circumstances. This is due to stress and the eye then seeks relief. So you scratch your eyes, feel drowsy or simply feel uncomfortable. In some cases it even starts watering. And if you let that continue for long then it can result in eye damage. So it is important that you relieve the eye from such stress from time to time.

Normally the eye gets rest when you sleep. But it is not always desirable that you go to sleep whenever your eyes feel strained. There are simple natural ways to de-stress your eyes other than sleeping.

One of the simplest exercises that you can do regularly is the focusing exercise. If you had been focusing on something very near (a computer, book, etc.), then take a break and look at some distant object. Focus on something near again and that should not be what you were focusing on till now. Look straight ahead and then focus at the distant object once again. Repeat this for five times. Slowly blink twice and then repeat the set again.

Stretch your arm straight ahead of you, hold out your thumb and focus on it. This helps to relieve stress as well as straighten the lenses. Also a head massage for a couple of minutes is enough to relieve the eye stress along with the relaxation of the whole body.

Make sure that you do not read or do your work in harsh light or very dim light. Adjust the light that your eye sees. If you are working on a computer, then make sure that the light in the room is dimmed to that level where your eyes do not get the glare from it. When reading a book or writing, see that the light reflecting from the paper is not too much or too less.

Another matter that should be kept in mind is that staring at a computer can be more strenuous than reading a book for a long time. It is recommended that you should give your eyes some rest after every ten minutes if you are working for long hours in front of computers. Also make sure that your posture is right when working on computers, reading or writing.